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What is Monovisc®?

Monovisc® is a single injectable visco-supplement to treat early and durable Knee Joints Pain due to osteoarthritis. It contains cross-linked sodium hyaluronate (NaHA) which is a natural complex sugar of the glycosaminoglycan family to Treat Pain in patients with moderate osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee. It is a single proven injection treatment for adult patients.

How is Monovisc® Given?

Monovisc® is a single injection that is directed injected into the knee joint by a Professional Healthcare Provider. A patient may be required to have more than one Monovisc® injection, depending upon the condition but if so, additional injections may be injected by your doctor in a week after your first injection. Your professional doctor can instruct so the patient needs to follow his doctor's instructions carefully.

Monovisc® Online in Knik-Fairview,AK

Before Receiving Monovisc® Procedure:

Before receiving Monovisc® injection, tell your doctor if you:

  • Have an allergy to any medications
  • Have an infection near the knee joint where the injection is going to be given
  • Are currently receiving chemotherapy
  • Are taking any medications that contain aspirin
  • Are taking medications that prevent blood clots

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Side Effects of Monovisc®:

The most well-known announced side effects related to Monovisc® are the accompanying: 

  •  Arthralgia 
  •  Joint Enlarging 
  •  Injection Site Pain 

Rates of rash, migraine, wooziness, chills, hives, tingling, nausea, muscle cramps, fringe edema, and nervousness have additionally been accounted for in a relationship with intra-articular infusions. 

Cautions To Take Monovisc®:

 Try not to be treated with Monovisc® if you are hypersensitive to it, or then again if you have: 

  •  A Sensitivity To Gram-positive Microorganisms Proteins 
  •  A Draining Or Blood Thickening Problem Like Hemophilia 
  •  Contamination In Your Knee Or The Skin Around Your Knee.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do Monovisc® injections last?

It starts with only one injection. Then Monovisc® may provide pain relief that may last for up to 6 months.

2. How often do you inject Monovisc®?

There is a good chance that you get given more than one Monovisc® dose. If so, additional injections are usually offered at least one week after your first injection.

3. Is Monovisc® safe?

The safety measurements of Monovisc® in joints other than the knee have not been demonstrated.

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