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What is Plasmolifting™?

Plasmolifting™ injectable form of plasma is a highly effective injection method for Skin Rejuvenation and skin tightening. It is a unique cosmetology facial rejuvenation procedure that is used to eliminate wrinkles, level deep creases, tighten your face without any surgery, and restore lost facial volume. Plasmolifting™ rejuvenates the skin tissues in a natural way and Treats Skin Imperfections. Plasmolifting™ is safe to use and it is helpful to optimize skin tissue generation. Plasmolifting™ treatment helps to make skin more hydrated, firmer, and reduce the depth of expression wrinkles.

How Does Plasmolifting™ Work?

Purified Plasmolifting™ from the patient's blood is injected into selected areas, helping to restore elastin and collagen. Plasma accelerates cell metabolism and also starts the process of developing new cells, restoring the skin not only from the outside but also from the inside. Today, Plasmolifting™ Therapy is considered one of the most natural ways to treat and rejuvenate the skin because during the procedure the body receives its own “reserves”. By the way, this is why the procedure is also considered one of the most effective because our Plasmolifting™ is a unique medicine in Kodiak, AK with exactly those substances that are necessary for our skin.

Buy Plasmolifting™ Online in Kodiak, AK

How is The Procedure Going For Plasmolifting™? 

After an individual consultation and examination by a cosmetologist, the Amount Of Plasmolifting™ necessary for treatment is determined, as well as the number of necessary sessions within the course. Blood in a special certified test tube is sent to a centrifuge, where the Plasmolifting™ is separated. After receiving the Plasmolifting™ in Kodiak, AK, the specialist injects it into the necessary zones. The rehabilitation period after Plasmolifting™ is 2-3 days.

Is Plasmolifting™ Effective? 

Yes, as in the case of exposure to the face, neck, and decollete, Plasmolifting™ is an effective way to Combat Hair Loss, improve their quality, etc.

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Side Effects of Plasmolifting™:

Common side effects of Plasmolifting™ include but are not limited to:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Mild Bruising

Plasmolifting™ does not have major side effects. This treatment is safe for both the patient and the professional.

Cautions To Take Plasmolifting™:

Cautions To Take Plasmolifting™ are:

  • Pregnancy And Lactation
  • Oncological Diseases, Blood Diseases
  • Infectious And Viral Diseases in The Active Phase
  • Open Wounds in The Injection Area

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Plasmolifting™ generate the growth of cancer cells?

No, Not at all, because platelet-derived growth factors are not carcinogenic.

2. Does the Plasmolifting™ method use stem cells?

No, the essence of the method is to inject platelet-rich plasma obtained from the patient’s blood.

3. If the patient is infected with HIV or hepatitis and undergoes Plasmolifting™, what could be the consequences?

Nothing wrong will happen. The existence of any disease will not adversely affect the effectiveness of the procedure. Plasmolifting™ is safe for both the patient and the doctor.

4. Is there any risk of infection during the Plasmolifting™ procedure?

No, because the blood used for plasma separation is collected from the patient himself, not from someone else.

5. Are the results visible after a single Plasmolifting™ procedure?

In approximately 40% of cases, patients notice the positive effect after the first procedure.

6. How many procedures are there in the Plasmolifting™ treatment course?

On average, the course consists of 4 procedures, with a 7 to 10 day interval between them.

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